Process for acquiring Mozambique tourist visa upon arrival by land for Philippine passports

The Embassy in Beijing is in-charge of Philippines for Mozambique tourist visa but it is best to apply upon arrival to avoid extra costs and longer wait times.

From Mutare, Zimbabwe, I crossed Mozambique by land through the border of Machipanda, which is in the northern side.

Border of Mutare, Zimbabwe and Machipanda, Mozambique

Requirements as of 2015:

  • Valid passport
  • Filled-out application forms (these forms are to be given at the immigration). Prepare the address of your destination, and host’s contact details (if any) in Mozambique as these information will be asked.
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate
  • Return/ onward ticket. They did not ask for my return ticket but it is best to have it just in case, because you’ll never know!


Visa Fee:

Between 50 to 76 USD depending on where you are applying it from

If you are in Zimbabwe, you can apply for a tourist visa to Mozambique from the municipal city of Harare (capital of Zimbabwe) or Mutare (a common take off point to Mozambique if crossing by land)

You can also apply for visa at the border of Mozambique for 76 USD. Yes, it is more expensive so if you are passing by Zimbabwe and have extra time, it is best to apply from there to save yourself a few dollars. I was told that you can get your visa on the same day from both Harare or Mutare so it seems pretty convenient.
I have no information how much it costs to apply from Mozambique airport but just prepare between 50 to 100 USD for a single entry

1. Once in the border of Mozambique, submit the filled out application forms along with your valid passport
2. Pay the corresponding visa fee
3. You will be led to a separate room where they will collect your finger prints, and have your photo taken
4. Your visa will be printed in a few minutes and labeled in your passport accordingly so make sure that you have at least One Blank page in your passport
5. You will be handed an official receipt
6. You will also be given a clearance stub to be surrendered to one of the officers when you exit the border

Once you’re out of the border, you have to take a public van to take you to Manica (about 10 minute ride). From Manica, you have to take another public van for 1.5 hrs to Chimoio where you can take the bus to Maxixe or Maputo.

View Crossing Zimbabwe to Mozambique by land for complete details.

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