Plan your trip - While in Africa

Plan your trip

Planning a vacation to a place you’ve never been can be both overwhelming and intimidating. Africa is a huge continent with several countries, each having unique things to offer. So where do you begin?


 First, you need to decide where in Africa do you want to go? For this, you might want to learn a thing or two about Africa


 If you have a weak passport like me, you can prioritize African countries that are visa free, unless your heart is set out to a specific country and you’ll do everything to make it there


 If you want to further narrow down the list, check the available flights. Where are you flying from and which African countries fly the cheapest and the most convenient? Off hand, I’d say it’s Casablanca, Morocco in the North; Nairobi, Kenya in the East, and Johannesburg, South Africa in the South. If you’re planning an ultimate backpacking, you can choose from these starting points and move towards the direction your heart desires


 Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to a country or two, now it’s worth digging deeper and researching what to do in your chosen destinations. Ultimately, find out how much they cost? Do you want to go on a safari? South Africa is a common choice for that. Maybe go for something more exotic? So how about Tanzania? Too expensive?… Hmmm, maybe Kenya? yeah could be because they have a lot of group-joining safaris that are much cheaper…


 And so the train of thought continues… and the research is warmed-up

Guide to choosing your african destination by experience.whileinafrica

Guide to Choosing your African Destination by Experience

Dubbed as the cradle of mankind, Africa is a continent like no other with diversity and richness in culture that will have any curious traveler turn into an excited storyteller as if seeing something beyond this planet.