Ethiopia is in East Africa, situated north of Kenya. It is one of the only countries in Africa that was never colonized, hence has a much longer  and rich history than its neighboring countries. They have the oldest coffee tradition in the world and believed to be where coffee originated.

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At a Glance

Century-old historic sites
from churches to castles

Surviving tribes

Amazing landscape and

Unesco sites

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Omo Valley

Simien Mountains

Blue Nile

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Unique Experiences

Coffee Ceremony

Ethiopian Cuisine

Type of Travel

  • A tour operator is strongly recommended
  • The sites are clustered by region and for each region, it takes 5-10hrs through okay and bumpy roads
  • DIY is doable but difficult

Least Favorite

  • Poor to non-existent public toilets
  • Poor to non-existent Wifi
  • In the Southern Tribes, you feel harassed by the tribes for having to pay for every photo
  • Public transpo is practically non-existent (outside the metro)
  • Limited accommodation. Budget to standard rooms are “meh”
  • Luxury ones are great but standard is similar to a 3-star property in mainstream destinations like Tanzania or Kenya

Planning Your Trip

Around 2000 USD per person all- inclusive tour, lodge, meals for standard rooms

Allot at least 10 full days to travel. This will give you enough time to explore a region (i.e. North only)

I recommend September which is just before the peak season, which begins in October

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