Top Parks in Namibia

Here are Safari parks you can choose from

Etosha National Park


Often regarded as Namibia’s premier safari attraction, Etosha National Park sits on the country’s northern area and covers a vast 5000 km² of open, barren land. It is one of the largest national parks in the world and arguably one of the top parks in the entire continent. The focal point of this park is probably the large saline pan called Etosha pan where a lot of animals congregate. Wildlife in Etosha is exhilaratingly abundant with large populations of cheetahs, zebras, antelopes, the big 5, black rhinos and the tallest elephants in the world. During the rains, vegetations become lush and the pan becomes a watering hole attracting a lot of flamingoes and many other different bird species.

Waterberg Plateau National Park


Waterbury Plateau National Park is beautifully situated in central Namibia on a flat-topped plateau. With a classic African scenery, Waterbury Plateau National Park boasts of a prolific wildlife including rhino, cheetah, leopard and antelope species. The magnificent facade of this park with brick red sandstone and healthy green crown is a sight to behold. Walking safaris and hikes are experiences one could not possibly miss in their lifetime!

Nkasa Rupara National Park


Located in the southwestern border of East Caprivi, Nasa Rupara National Park is an open-to-all park that covers a wildly diverse landscape of grasslands, wetlands and rivers. This untouched wilderness offers no luxury lodges nor guided tours, but visitors are welcome to roam freely in their 4×4 vehicles and fully experience the wild. Common animals in the park are hyenas, reedbuck, the big 5 sans the rhinos, giraffes and impalas.

Namib-Naukluft National Park


As the fourth largest park in the world, Namib-Naukluft National Park holds a diverse and abundant wildlife as well as a rich and unique birdlife. What’s very attractive about this park is its orangey landscape. Steenboks, oryxes, kudus, mountain zebras, baboons and klipspringers are commonly tighten around the park. Also, twitchers will enjoy an array of 200 different bird species in this park.



Sossusvlei is best known for its sand dunes. In fact, it is considered to have the highest sand dunes in the world, with dunes up to 300 meters high. Just like Namib-Naukluft (since they are actually just in the same place, just divided into regions), Sossusvlei’s highlight is its red- to orange-hued landscape that’s just absolutely breathtaking. Wildlife here is also unique. Springboks, wild horses, oryxes and mountain zebras as very common in the area.

Bwabwata National Park


Located in the Caprivi Strip, this park welcomes large herds of migrating elephants every year. Its main highlights are the rare red lechwe antelopes and the aquatic sitatunga antelopes. Other animals in the park are hippos, buffalos, zebras, kudus, hyenas, some lions, cheetahs and very rarely, giraffes and wild dogs.

Skeleton Coast National Park


The famous Skeleton Coast sits on the northwestern area of Namibia. It is a very remote and highly untouched area, and people even refer to it as the loneliest coastline in Africa. What’s very enticing about this park is the presence of a lot of animal and human skeletons as well as shipwrecks. Its history is also very interesting and quite mysterious. In fact, it was once called “The Gates of Hell” or “The Land God Made in Anger.”

Cape Cross Seal Reserve


Cape Cross Seal Reserve is a small peninsula situated near Skeleton Coast. It is well-known for its colonies of Cape fur seals. It is, after all, home of the largest seal colonies in the world.

Ai-Ais Transfrontier Park


Popular for its desert scenery, Ai-Ais Transfrontier Park is home to the world’s richest area for succulent plants. It Beautiful valleys and spectacular sunset makes it a perfect haven for photographers. Wildlife in this area is scarce but it is still widely popular because of the photo opportunities it offers.

Mahango Game Reserve


Mahango Game Reserve is one of Namibia’s most diverse and fascinating conservation areas with vast plains, grasslands and wetlands that hosts a multitude of wildlife. It lies in the northeastern part of the country with an actual main road running through the park. Game viewing in this park is excellent. You can easily spot antelopes, elephants, lions, cheetahs, baboons, vervet monkeys, bushbucks, hippos, crocodiles and over 400 bird species.