I’m Erika,


I’m from the Philippines, married to a Dane, and currently living in Cyprus. 


I’m a full-time remote Marketing specialist for African tour companies, and my exposure in the industry inspired me to blog about African travels to help fellow travelers.


My first solo backpacking trip was in Africa
In 2015, I left my office job in the Philippines to travel the world. With enough savings to live on for about 2 months, and motivation to go by for another 5, I went off on my first solo-backpacking trip.

Where others may have chosen Europe or Asia, I started in Africa- in Tanzania

tanzania way of life 1

I found an Ex- Deal Opportunity to Travel Cheap
As I didn’t have enough money, I first emailed travel operators within Tanzania and tried to volunteer to help in their marketing in exchange of free meals and accommodation. I found luck in Arusha through the kindness of one safari operator, and that’s where my exposure in African tourism began. Through this opportunity, I was able to put whatever skills I have to good use while exposing myself to the rich cultures of the continent.

Sustaining my Travels
Fast forward to 2018, after being a freelance marketer, I set-up my own company, Branded Africa- a service company focused in helping small businesses in Africa with their marketing needs. After Branded Africa, I decided to put up WhileinAfrica- a personal blog that I thought was necessary to share my experiences as a traveler without bias.

After all, I am traveler first, and a Marketing practitioner second.

So what is this blog about
Like everyone else, I was once just a tourist whose knowledge of Africa goes as far as Lion King, or some late night watching of Animal Planet because there’s nothing else to see. I understand the feeling of not knowing and the wondering of what to do, where to fly, where to go, and most of all, the question of “is it safe”?

So here’s what you can read here:


  • A compilation of my own research as I traveled to some countries in Africa
  • Read first-hand experiences as I crossed border to border;
  • Volunteered, and couch-surfed from East Africa all the way down to Southern Africa
  • Read unbiased reviews of companies I have tried myself
  • Find recommendations to hang-out
  • And a lot of other stuff here and there

So, welcome to my blog and have a good time While in Africa!